Plan Christmas with me week by week


This abbreviated blog forms the notes for the related video located here. In order for it to really make sense you need to watch the video!


If you’re here I’m guessing you’re either A) not the sort of person who waits until December to even start thinking about Christmas or B) you’re exactly that person but this year you’ve vowed to do things differently and be more organised.

This series of videos has been created specifically with you in mind. Over the coming weeks I’ll be guiding you, step by step, through all the things you need to be thinking about and, week by week, helping you to get them all done. Prepare to have a much less stress filled and much more joy filled Christmas season!

If you don’t stumble across these blogs or videos until into December just start at the beginning, follow them through and catch up as best you can. At the very least you’ll have some ready made lists to start checking off.


Decide what kind of Christmas you really want.

Much of the stress and overwhelm comes from trying to create the kind of Christmas that isn’t aligned with the kind we truly want. Before you can start planning you need to take some time to decide what you’d really love your Christmas to look like. Busy, bustling, surrounded by family and friends? The polar opposite? Somewhere in between? Only you can decide. How can you plan for something if you don’t have a vision in mind?


Week 1, Task 1 - Decide where you’re spending Christmas - as this will inform so much of your planning.

Week 1, Task 2 - Pull together a Christmas Planner - create sections within it as follows:



Food & Drink



General Supplies



Overnight Guests


Charitable Giving/Volunteering

Health & Self Care



School & Clubs 

House Tasks

Wish List


Week 1, Task 3 - Create a master shopping list.

Week 1, Task 4 - Nominate a central holding point for all purchases.

Week 1, Task 5 - Send out ‘Save the dates’ for any gathering you’re planning and make reservations for anything and everything that needs one!

Written by Lynn McMurray

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