Plan with me for Christmas Week 2 | Week by week Christmas planner | How to plan Christmas

This abbreviated blog forms the notes for the related video located here. In order for it to really make sense you need to watch the video!


If you’re here I’m guessing you’re either A) not the sort of person who waits until December to even start thinking about Christmas or B) you’re exactly that person but this year you’ve vowed to do things differently and be more organised.

This series of videos has been created specifically with you in mind. Over the coming weeks I’ll be guiding you, step by step, through all the things you need to be thinking about and, week by week, helping you to get them all done. Prepare to have a much less stress filled and much more joy filled Christmas season!

If you don’t stumble across these blogs or videos until into December just start at the beginning, follow them through and catch up as best you can. At the very least you’ll have some ready made lists to start checking off.


The tasks from week 2 are as follows:


Task 1 - Ask those on your gift list if they have any early ideas of what they do (or don't!) want.


Task 2 - Create an ideas list for everyone on your list.


Task 3 - Start actively seeking out gift inspiration.


Task 4 - Set gift buying deadlines along with a 'Plan B'.


Task 5 - Set a date for gift wrapping or commit to wrap as you go.


Task 6 - Book a grocery delivery slot.


Task 7 - Order your turkey & other speciality meats.


Task 8 - Take an inventory of all crockery, glassware, serving dishes & spoons etc and create a list of anything you need to replace, buy more of.


Task 9 - Schedule your date to decorate.

Written by Lynn McMurray

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