How to decorate your house. The answer is slowly.

This is a subject many people would like help with. When trying to come up with advice on the whole ‘How to decorate your house’ or ‘How to decorate your garden’ subject, the last thing most people think about is the speed you should do it at. However, speed is arguably one of the most important considerations.

For many of us, current circumstances are forcing a slower pace to life. There’s a strong case for this being no bad thing, particularly when it comes to feathering our nest. Welcome to the world of ‘slow decorating’.

Where once we felt pressure to execute rapid renovations (remember last spring?), to just get it done, there’s now a growing trend towards an unhurried approach to designing and decorating your space. It’s all about being intentional, about relaxing and finding your own style. With limited resources available to us right now this feels like the perfect approach to home decor in 2021.

A leisurely pace allows us to get the true feel of a space first, especially after moving into a new home. How does a room’s light change throughout the day (or year!)? What’s the mood of a room? How do you actually use the space? A phased approach works well too. Live in phase 1 a while, learn from it and ensure it works before moving on to phase 2.

This year, let yourself dream, imagine, plan and relish in the process. Being super ‘on trend’ can be quick and easy but is it best? Anyone can rush to buy a bunch of stuff that’s the ‘in thing’ just to get the job done but allowing your own individual style to develop and influence your decor choices takes time and patience. It can be tricky to just conjure up a home vibe you love. It’s more of an aesthetic which builds over time, allowing you to tell your family’s story one photo or decor accessory at a time.

Additional benefits might include fewer poorly made snap decisions and more time to save for  better quality purchases. At the very least it’s the perfect excuse - ‘Oh this mess? We’re just doing some slow decorating!’

Written by Lynn McMurray

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