No time for a spring decor update? 5 ridiculously quick refresh ideas

Time is precious. Time is short. I get it.

‘I love the idea of a spring update.' I hear you say. 'I work hard, I love my home and don’t mind investing in it. The place sure could do with a refresh to blow away the post winter cobwebs’


‘I’ve just put in a full day at work, sorted three loads of laundry, taken the cat to the vet, shopped for groceries and am now in a crumpled heap with a very large glass of vino collapso.’

‘I don’t have time!’

Believe me, I hear you.

You like the idea of adding a touch of spring to your home but believe there's no point in considering it as you just don't have enough free time to do it justice. 

But here's the thing.

You really liked the idea of cooking a nutritious meal from scratch for your family but believed you didn't have time for that either. You thought it always meant faffing about with 15+ ingredients. All that stuff you’ve never even heard of that you can’t just pick up along with your weekly shop. Waaayyy too complicated. Forget it!

But then Mr Oliver brought out his latest recipe book and you discovered a whole host of possibilities with just 5 ingredients in each!

Or that time you had an idea to take the family on a great adventure holiday but you parked it believing you'd have to do all the research and pull all the different elements together yourself. Then you discovered Trailfinders! What a revelation! 

Honestly, I get it.

That’s why I created ‘The Seasonal Touch’.

It allows you to have access to all the key ingredients you’ll need for a quick seasonal decor update, all in one place. Click, click, click, in your cart. Checkout. Done.

And for the particularly time poor, here are my 5 key refresh ideas for spring which will take a nano second to implement but will give you the impact you want.

1. Switch your cushions out for a brighter touch.

Treat yourself to some new cushions in a light, bright spring/summer design.

Take the winter cushions off your couch.

Put the spring and summer cushions on your couch.

That was easy wasn’t it?


2. Swap your throws for a lighter touch.

Replace your thick, cosy fur throws for something lighter - both in weight and colour.

Take the winter throw off your couch.

Put the spring throw on your couch.

Et voila!


3. Add a scented candle for a heavenly touch.

Scent is the one thing that can instantly transport us to far flung times and places and there are so many beautiful spring and summer scented candles out there. From floaty florals to scintillating citrus, they all proclaim a new season is in the air.

Take your new candle.

Unwrap it.

Place it in your desired spot.

Light it.

Come on! It doesn’t get any faster than that!


4. Buy a seasonal mug for a tea-break touch.

A nod to the new season for your daily brew is a must. Why not treat yourself to a new mug? The options are endless at this time of year. You’ll find mugs with Easter eggs, spring flowers, seaside scenes to name but a few. You don’t even have to wonder where you’ll put them - with the other mugs in your cupboard of course!?

Take your new mugs.

Unwrap them.

Put the kettle on.

Told you it was quick and easy.


5. Invest in some spring art for a quirky touch

Nothing says spring like a little lamb and you’ll notice that sheep, in particular, are everywhere this year! How about some seasonal art you can pop on a shelf or side table? Something like this Triple Sheep picture which comes with a stand for a quick display.

Take your new Triple Sheep picture.

Unwrap it.

Place it on your shelf.

Honestly - could it be any faster?

Look, I know there are ways of updating your decor seasonally that take a little bit more time to pull together, but this? Seriously?

My message is this. Being busy and time poor doesn't mean you have to miss out altogether. It's about choosing things that work for you and the time you have available. 

You could also outsource the whole process entirely!

You’ll have this little spring update sorted before the ice has even melted in your well earned G&T!

I'd love to know what you think. Do you think these updates are doable with limited free time? What's your 'go to' quick and easy seasonal decor update? Please add your comments below.

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Written by Lynn McMurray

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