5 Top Tips for a quick and easy home decor update!

Right now you’re in a panic. You agreed to host the next book club night but your entertaining space feels more ‘drab and bleak’ than ‘cool and chic’.

Right now you’re bored. Your decor is just, well...dull! The big stuff - carpet, walls, furniture etc are all ok but you’re fed up looking at the same accessories you had when ‘Changing Rooms’ was on. The first time round.

Right now you have house envy. You feel like your friends’ homes all look pulled together while yours….well….just lacks something! 

Stop! Before you start ringing all the local interior designers and decorators let me introduce you to a better way. The art of seasonal decorating.

Adding a touch of the season to your home decor lets you regularly update your look keeping things fresh, newly dressed and up to date.

Here are 5 quick and easy updates that won’t break the bank.

1. Add the colour of the season

If you’re lucky enough to have a neutral base colour scheme then the world’s your oyster. If not, choose a seasonal colour that compliments your existing decor scheme. Not sure what works? Check out these options.

A pale green throw when the first shoots of Spring are emerging or a warm rust toned rug when the leaves are twirling down outside - get the picture?


2. Use seasonal cushions

I love my seasonal cushions! Nothing says Spring more than a cute lamb on a cushion. Celebrate summer with a palm tree pillow. Be playful but be warned - less is more here. With so many gorgeous options out there the temptation might be to go overboard. One or two per room is sufficient. 

3. Embrace faux flowers

Faux flowers have come a long way in recent years and can be really affordable if you know where to shop. Who doesn’t love a forage in Ikea, TK Maxx or The Range? Choose some basic background twigs or willow stems as a year round constant then add some seasonal accents. Stored well they’ll last for years. (Hint - you just need to keep the dust off them. I like to use old dry cleaner plastic covers or clear bin bags!)

4. Create a seasonal vignette

A vignette is basically a ‘small collection of beautiful things’. Have fun! Get creative! Gather together objects you think might work and experiment. Shop for those seasonal accent pieces then mix them with items you already have - vases, coffee table books, candles etc. For the best look use items of varying height and in odd numbers.

Does your home have a boring corner that could use a bit of personality? Add a seasonal vignette.


5. Add a seasonal accent to solid staples

This is one of the easiest ways to add a touch of the season to your home. One of my favourite ways is to change up my glass hurricane lamps and vases. Why not add some sand and shells in the summer or mini pumpkins and pine cones in the Fall. 


What’s your favourite quick and easy seasonal decor update?


Written by Lynn McMurray

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