Still looking for cosy couch throws? Why we've got you covered!

So there you were, getting yourself geared up for March.

March. Spring. Month of snowdrops and daffodils. The sun a little bit higher in the sky. The days stretching, with the promise of a later sunset towards the end of the month. 

Things were definitely looking up.

You planned to pack away your fur throws and fleece blankets and bring out the pastel cushions and spring decorations.

Maybe you could even unwrap your garden furniture, grab a wee cup of coffee in an Easter rabbit mug and sit outside.

Then this happened! 

Fleece blankets are here to stay (for another few weeks at least...)

Needless to say the fur throws and cosy blankets stayed put and you (like me!) put spring decorating firmly on hold.

It made me think about all the ‘bricks and mortar’ retail stores out there who’s shelves are already full of their spring and summer ranges. Need a cosy throw to see you through these next few weeks? Sorry! The shelves are empty of those and have already been replaced with all things spring and summer.

You can buy shorts, flip flops and beach towels if you want? No? Not on your shopping list yet?

Didn’t think so.

No chance to buy what you really want and still need.

I got to thinking that it’s a definite bonus being a small, independent retailer who can react and adapt more rapidly to what’s actually happening rather than what’s supposed to be happening in our lives.

The high street stores have to plan what goes out onto the shop floor (and what get’s taken away) months in advance and there’s not a lot of room for change.

Me? My winter stock sits side by side with my summer stock. 

Still need some cosy throws and blankets?

Need some cosy throws and blankets to see you through these next few weeks? No problem at all!

I can even decide to offer last-minute offers and discounts to reflect what the weather is actually doing rather than what we hope it’ll do. Promotional offer on a cosy pom pom throw anyone?

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to buy something out of season on the high street. Store assistants look at you like you’ve got horns. 

Whereas the online shopping world is an entirely different space. This is when it really comes into it’s own. You can usually find what you’re looking for even if it’s not the season for it. We independent online retainers can supply products even if they’re technically ‘out of season’. No need to haul the stock from the back of the warehouse and out onto the shop floor to be able to do it!

Introduce a couple of Easter decorations


You’ve got a foot in both seasons at this time of year right? You want to introduce a few accents to show Easter is on the way but with snow still on the ground, you’re not quite over hibernation mode just yet.

Cosy snug rug anyone?

Thought so.

That’s absolutely fine by us.

Our winter products are going nowhere and if we’ve still got snow in July (!? Oh! Please Lord no!) then you know exactly where to come.

I'd love to know what you think. What was the last thing you struggled to buy 'out of season' for your home? Please join the chat and put your comments below!

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Written by Lynn McMurray

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