Buying online from a business you've never heard of or had any experience in dealing with can be a bit daunting right?

There's no 'bricks and mortar' store to pop into and get a feel for who you're buying from. Is it even a real company?

Will the products and services live up to your expectations?

Will they arrive when promised?

Will you be looked after if there's a problem?

Can you trust that your personal details are held securely?

I know how you feel, I'm exactly the same.



Trust is a big deal and it has to be earned.

Don't you feel much better about buying from someone or using their services when someone else can recommend them? Vouch for them?

The whole customer experience is something I take very seriously and make it an absolute priority. It's something I really value when I choose who I'm going to do business with so why shouldn't you? 




Am I for real? Here's a little video I recorded as part of my latest newsletter.  I send one every month just to check in and say hi to my customers. Yes, it's really me and I sincerely hope you'll choose to become one of my tribe too!