Hi there! I'm glad you stopped by.

You’re curious, right? You want to know what this business is all about. To be sure you’re buying quality products from someone you can trust. I absolutely get it.

The Seasonal Touch was born out of my love for seasonally decorating my home - switching out the cushions, throws and decor accents, sprucing up my home with colours and accessories which reflect the time of year. Linking our home decor to the rhythm of the natural world can create a sense of balance and calm. Feeling connected to the passing seasons helps us feel in synch with our environment, creating a better sense of wellbeing. Did you know that?

I also love to shop! You too? Don’t you just love that little spark of joy you feel when you find the perfect home accessory or gift?

In the absence of a ‘go to’ home & gift shop in my neighbourhood, I decided to create my own - but with a twist. This would be an online version. That way, I could offer my community all the things they love about shopping local but with the added benefits of doing it online. I understand the importance of great, personal service and being an owner they can get to know. I know the value of flexibility along with being visible in my local community. I also appreciate the importance my customers put on wanting to support their local small businesses. All that plus being able to browse and buy at a time and in a place that suits you.

I want to make the whole experience as easy as possible for you. That’s why I can deliver locally at a time that fits your schedule or you can collect if it’s easier. If you’re not in the neighbourhood, no problem - hello P&P!

As an independent retailer I make all the buying decisions. Something you’d love me to stock? Just ask! I know we need to move towards more sustainable shopping habits. Whether that’s in where and how we shop or in the products we buy. That’s why, wherever possible, I source from other independent, UK businesses who have a completely transparent supply chain. You’ll also find some really unique, eco-friendly products on sale at The Seasonal Touch so that we can all do our bit for the environment. I’ll be honest - I’m not perfect but I’m working on it!

Retail isn’t dead, it’s just evolving and I intend to be right there, finding a new way to serve my own community and beyond.