My Story

Meet Lynn

Hi! I’m Lynn and the face behind ‘The Seasonal Touch’.

We’re probably a lot alike, you and me. You’re here, so I have to assume you’re into home decor (me too) and you probably get a bit bored with the way your home looks from time to time and want to find ways to switch things up (yup - definitely me too).

I love seasonal decorating - switching out the cushions, throws and decor accents, sprucing up my home with colours and accessories which reflect the latest season. I could happily spend days on end doing this with every approaching Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. I love that my home always gets to feels current and fresh and while I love the finished effect, pulling it all together was once a challenge and a half!

I was frustrated that with work, family and all the other plates I was spinning (again, probably a lot like you!) I had limited time left to feed my passion and source the products I needed to make my vision come to life.

I was running around searching all over the high street and spending endless hours online surfing numerous sites (sound familiar?) looking for the right products to seasonalise my home with.

I longed for a ‘go to’ place where I could get inspiration and find the perfect products.

Then it hit me - what if I could create the ‘go to’ place?

What if I could source and bring together all those unique products for everyone to enjoy?

What if I could provide the inspiration while sharing my passion and flair?

That’s when ‘The Seasonal Touch’ was born.

Here at ‘The Seasonal Touch’ I believe everyone deserves to have a space they love to come home to and would be proud to share with family and friends. My mission is to help you to create your own version of that space by injecting a hint of the season.

By giving you inspiration, practical help and a range of carefully selected products I’ll give you that ‘go to’ resource.

No more tired decor. No more boring decor.

No more ‘hasn’t been changed in ten years’ decor! (Good grief we’ve all been there!!)

You’re just a few clicks away from your own unique, seasonally inspired sanctuary.