Wax Melts

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These luxurious melts are produced using 100% natural wax using environmentally friendly resources and are manufactured wholly in the UK. 

There's no soy/palm wax as this leads to deforestation and there's no paraffin wax used either as it’s very toxic. Instead, a combination of ingredients including coconut oil, olive oil, rapeseed wax (using rapeseed grown in the UK) is used to produce these luxurious melts. This also means these products are determined as vegan-friendly.

Available in four scents matching our range of home reed diffusers and car perfumes are available.

Aphrodite Black Rose - A heady mix of oud and Halfeti black rose. Unisex but akin to a lovely gent scent.

Shade of Noir - One for all fans of pomegranate and plum, with vanilla notes too.

Zing - Verbena and lemongrass based zesty freshness.

Cinnamon Chai - Warming spices of cinnamon and vanilla.

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