Help! My house is so bare with no Christmas decorations!

Is this you?

There’s no denying it. 

The holidays are over.

As the recycling truck trundled down the street and our little tree was unceremoniously tossed into the back, I bid a sad farewell. 

‘Goodbye little tree. You were perfectly formed (we chose well!) and you did us proud. You barely dropped a needle - now go! Be mulched, be spread and live on in our city parks….’

All of this while ‘Circle of Life’ from The Lion King plays in my head :)

I love this time after the decorations come down. My home is a blank canvas again and with a few tweaks here and there I can easily transition from Christmas to winter decor.

Here at The Seasonal Touch we’re all about embracing the time of year and reflecting it in your home. So if you’re staring at blank walls and empty spaces you might just be ready for some inspiration.

Here are a few ideas on what to keep, what to add and what to drop to get you started.

1. Santa and Christmas trees be gone!

Santa Clauses? No exceptions. Plain fir tree decorations can stay - as long as they're not adorned with lights and baubles and don’t look specifically like a Christmas tree.


2. Pack away the red.

I don’t know about you but red, to me, screams Christmas. So no red candles, red cushions, red throws etc. Even if they’re not covered in snowmen, my advice is - replace them.


3. Keep some twinkle lights.

I love twinkle lights at any time of year! 

Strung in a summer garden at dusk for a get together? Fabulous! 

I find sets with clear strings work best. Here I’ve added them to a hurricane vase with some big, chunky pine cones. This really brightens an otherwise gloomy corner of the room. I’ve also added just lights on their own to another hurricane vase. It makes a great, cosy alternative to a table lamp for these dark months.

4. Keep the fur and add more.

Add plenty of fur throws and cushions to your seating areas. They look great on the chair or sofa back. Don’t worry about being all matchy, matchy. A variety of colours and textures works best here. Add in some chunky knit items too. It all makes for a feeling of abundance which works well as an antidote to the stark scarcity of winter.

…..and if you’ve got a fur baby to snuggle up with too so much the better!

5. Stags are going nowhere!

The stag trend continues! Such a magnificent beast and they can definitely stick around for the remaining winter months. My guy this year was from M&S and he gives me more opportunity to add a twinkle to my after dark decor with his tea light holding antlers. I’ve seen similar versions around this year. If you’re quick you might bag one in the sales!

6. Add rustic touches.

As a contrast to the big, bold Christmas decor, I like to go for a more pared down, subtle look in January. Something like this simple vase of natural twigs works well.

7. Add winter art work.

Why not invest in some winter landscape artwork? Check out the likes of Anne Johnston Photography for some stunning winter prints.

Photo by kind permission - Anne Johnston Photography. You can buy it here!

Or, with so many online options available, why not have some of your own photos turned into wall art?

I also had some vintage ski resort posters printed up. I’ll display them now then switch them out for something more spring like come March.

8. Get crafty!

I love this idea from!

Why not think of your own winter related inspirational quote, saying or song lyric and create something unique?

9. Add a fresh winter scent.

Once you’ve burned all your gorgeously scented Christmas candles it’s time for a fresh, new scent in your home. Be it candles or diffusers it’s time to add a seasonal wintry aroma to your space.

My favourite at the moment is Ski Lodge by Next. Without a hint of clove or cinnamon and all those other tell tale Christmassy smells, it’s like you sat next to your ski lift buddy who has fabulous taste in cologne mixed in with all that crisp, clean mountain air. 

10. Keep the candles.

This 'year round' home decor accent really comes into it’s own during the winter months. Use them everywhere to create a cosy ambience. Use them in lanterns, hurricane lamps or singly on plates. Beware of grouping too many tightly together as the cumulative heat could leave you with a sudden molten mess!

Like everything else, look for holders that say ‘winter’ rather than ‘Christmas’.

I snagged these a few years back in TKMaxx. I love that they’re rustic and fit with my other natural based winter decor items.

So that's it! 
I'll leave you to have a wander around your own home. Grab those bits and bobs you want to keep from your Christmas decor and have a think about what you've got that you could add.
I'd absolutely love to see some photos when you're done! Why not like our Facebook page (@theseasonaltouch) and share your photos there? Then we can all be inspired!
Written by Lynn McMurray

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