Back to School Organisation Hacks

Haven't you heard? August is the new January when it comes to committing to better home organisation, especially for a stress free school day.

Maybe it's the tsunami of paperwork a new school year brings or perhaps it's the anticipation of the endless cries of 'Mu-uu-um! Da-aa-ad! I can't find my.....' at the point that if you'd had any chance of getting to school on time, you should've been halfway there by now.

Trust me, we've all been there. 

When it comes to new resolutions around getting into a good morning before school routine or putting into practise all those tips for smooth school mornings, August is filled with a lot of determined parents declaring that 'this year it's going to be different!'

Fortunately, there are lots of great resources and products out there to make sure you keep those autumnal aspirations going well into next year.

Here are just a couple of my favourites.

I particularly like (for great planners and printables) and, of course, for endless visual inspiration.

Best back to school organisation idea

How about creating your own morning 'launch pad'? Why not designate an area of your home and gather all the essentials - at around T minus 12hrs naturally - for a flawless 'lift off'.

Think about all the things your family needs to grab in the morning and design your own customised 'launch pad' around them. You could add some photo frame coat hooks to identify whose belongings are whose, and maybe even a bench. Include enough space for the everyday essentials (coat, schoolbag, lunchbox) plus somewhere to add the rotating items (swimming kit, musical instrument etc). 

Why not add a shelf above with storage caddies for the adult essentials? Keys, brolly, work ID pass etc. You might want to add a notice/message board to keep everyone straight. Imagine how stress free those mornings would feel!

More back to school organisation hacks

Did you know that you can download an app these days to help with all your back to school organisation? Try the likes of Cozy Family Organiser or Wunderlist.

Why not get the whole family involved with something like the OurHome - chores and rewards app.

There are lots of great ideas out there - I've no doubt you've got one or two yourself you could share. What's your best back to school organisation hack? How about adding it to the comments below?


Written by Lynn McMurray

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