Recycled Cotton Waffle Throw - Blush Pink

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This lightweight cotton waffle throw is ideal for warmer months and has so many practical uses you're definitely going to want more than one!

Ideal as a 'grab & go' for trips to the park or beach. Keep one in the car for impromptu picnics. Perfect to drape over garden furniture for those moments when the sun disappears leaving you shivering in your shorts!

Invest in a couple for your BBQ guests for when the air cools in the evening but you all desperately want to stay outside. Why not mix and match with the the Recycled Cotton Geometric Throw? 

Recycled cotton reduces the harsh process of making brand new cotton products, it is a natural fibre and is biodegradable. As the cotton is recycled you'll find tiny specks of complementary colour within the material making it completely unique. Hopefully you’ll love your throw and have it for many years, but if you ever need to dispose of it, it can always be recycled again!

Size: 152 x 127 cm

Material: 100% Recycled Cotton