Bread Warmer - Sea Birds Design

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You go to all the trouble of warming your bread or rolls then within a few minutes on the table they're cold again - how frustrating! Or you put them in a pre-heated bowl which is then too hot to be passed around!

Enter the terracotta based bread warmer. It's a cloth pot with a terracotta base you heat in the oven, along with your bread or rolls. When you're ready, pop the terracotta base back in the bottom of the pot and its radiant heat will keep your bread or rolls warm while everyone gathers and tucks in, ensuring second helpings stay just as warm as the first - clever, right? It will also work well for tortilla wraps or even baked potatoes. 

It comes boxed too so it's all ready to wrap as a great gift for those in your life who love to host!

The base of the warmer is 19 cm across and the warmer is 19 cm tall.

There's also a Hare Design Bread Warmer available as well as several matching products in the sea birds design.

You might like to team it with the Sea Birds Aga Top or the Sea Birds Tea Towel.