Handmade Set of 5 Mini Felt Pumpkins

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Set of 5 needle felted hanging pumpkins - a great way to brighten up your home for autumn. They make a great addition to Halloween decorations too.

These pumpkins are handmade using a needle felting technique, then stitched with twine for hanging.

As we try to move away from a 'throwaway' culture, this is a real 'keepsake' decoration that will bring you lots of joy year after year.

Traditional handcrafting methods along with top quality New Zealand wool is used in the making of these felt decorations making them both eco-friendly and sustainable. Being handcrafted there's no machinery used in the process either making them pollution-free too! These products are stitched with organic thread and absolutely no glue is used plus there's never any plastic beading or embellishments used in this range making them totally biodegradable too! 

Size 8cm x 8cm