Why Decorate Seasonally?

“A done room is a dead room”

I love this quote by Alexandra Stoddard, renowned interior designer and lifestyle author.

She talks a lot of sense that woman!

To keep our home feeling alive and loved we need to refresh it every now and again. Inject some energy.

Change up some of the soft furnishings. Switch around some of the ornaments. Swap out some of the photos and wall art.

What perfect timing then to use the changing of the seasons outside as the trigger for a bit of an update inside. By adding some seasonally inspired accents here and there in your home you’ll make sure it always feels loved, newly dressed and up to date.

The main benefit is that it doesn’t take a major renovation. With just a little bit of time, a few well chosen purchases and a shot of imagination, you can achieve a big impact.

Don’t worry if you don’t think you’re very creative. Often the simplest ideas are the best and besides - that’s what we’re here for. Doing something creative can have such a positive effect in other areas of your life so let us inspire you!

You can store away out of season pieces, adding one or two key new pieces each year. Trust me, bringing them out again each year will give you the same thrill as when you first bought them because you haven’t been staring at them for the last 5 years!

Love to entertain? Your home will always be ready for guests and you’ll have great options for table centres, party decor etc.

Ready? Inspired? Come on then. Lets get started….
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