Home Styling Service & Client Stories

You love the idea of updating your home decor accents and accessories but feel overwhelmed by the thought of trying to pull everything together. You’re just not really sure what works with what.

You’re busy! You love your home but just don’t have the time to research and shop for it all. What if it doesn’t look right? More time needed to take it all back!

You’re a bit anxious about getting it all wrong. What will people think?

You get ‘decision paralysis’. You’re not sure what to do so do nothing at all. You get as far as going out shopping for home accessories but end up coming back empty handed.

If any of this sounds like you and you're in Edinburgh or the surrounding area, then here’s the perfect solution.

The Seasonal Touch Home Styling Service.

The turn of the season is the perfect time to update your home decor accents and accessories. As autumn/winter approaches you want to cosy things up - create a space you’d be happy to hibernate in. As spring/summer rolls around again, you’re more than ready to lighten and brighten, breathing new life into your home again. 

Sounds good, sounds like just what you need?

Specifically designed for those seeking a bit of advice or for those who just don’t have the time, this service allows you to delegate the task, job done! 

This allows you to give your home a bit of a makeover whatever the season, making it feel fresh, loved and up to date.

The process

Following an initial (free of charge) visit to discuss your needs, a proposal will be sent to you summarising the project and estimating the anticipated costs involved. 

The cost

This will be simply the cost of goods purchased plus a sourcing/shopping styling/dressing fee which will typically be around £35 per hour spent on your project.

What I do

  • Advise on room layout.
  • Advise on colour schemes.
  • Advise on how best to incorporate what you already own.
  • Advise on storage options for ‘out of season’ accessories.
  • Source and shop for new products. 
  • Deliver and style your new products together with what you already own.

Who is it for?

Anyone really but especially...

  • Busy home lovers with no time.
  • Home lovers who feel they lack the know how.
  • House movers getting ready for a sale.
  • B&B owners to welcome guests.
  • Small hotel owners for a seasonally inspired reception area.
  • Small shop owners for a seasonal window display.

Client Stories

Click here to check out some of my case studies and client stories.

A spring living room and hallway makeover.

Interested? Contact me now to book a 'no obligation' appointment.

'Lynn at The Seasonal Touch has the most amazing things and knows just how to put them together to save you time thinking about it, whatever the weather or the season!'  

Janis, Edinburgh.

‘That’s where Lynn McMurray comes in with lots of fab advice.  Having met Lynn earlier this year, I was more than intrigued by our joint love of styling and also by her amazing ability to restyle a room for the seasons with just a few changes.’

Vicky, Carnoustie.