Starburst Outdoor Solar Lights

These stunning starburst outdoor solar lights have been a best seller from day one! Hands down the best solar garden lights we could find. A solar powered outdoor light on a stake you can add to any suitable spot in your garden. Fabulous for late summer evenings and the most incredible solar powered fairy lights out there to light up those long, dark winter nights.

Garden lights which are bright, twinkly and hard to tell apart from battery or mains powered ones? Yes, I was sceptical too! I've never found solar lights to be bright enough - something to do with the quality of the bulbs I believe. I personally tested these for several weeks before launching them and can honestly say they look as good in real life as they look in the photos. A year and a half later and they're still going strong. Turning on and off automatically at dusk, these solar starburst garden lights are the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor space. 

Perfect for all year use - Around the garden? On the campsite? As a front door welcome? To light your path? To add Christmas sparkle? Endless possibilities! 

They're very lightweight and will stand in an earth filled plant pot as an alternative to going directly into the ground. 

Total height: 111cm

Illuminated diameter: 28cm