Your Christmas Essentials Checklist - Part 1 (No. 3 - yes, really!!)

Are you determined to have a more organised Christmas this year?

Do you dream of your home being a restful oasis of calm come December?

While home decor is our main focus here at The Seasonal Touch, there’s no denying that at certain times of the year, like the weeks leading up to Christmas, we could all benefit from sharing any home related ideas that just make things run more smoothly. 

This week I’m looking at creating a Christmas Essentials Checklist and to kick us off, here are a few items which need to be purchased now, in November. 

Trust me, you’ll be completely in the smug zone if you do.

Let's fast forward for a minute and you’re racing around the supermarket the week before Christmas, getting more and more frustrated as there are empty shelves where those ‘all important’ items you need once sat.

You know those empty shelves.

The ones which only a few weeks ago were overflowing with the product you now want. No need.


The sales assistant in the department store says ‘No sorry, we had loads a few weeks back, but not now. Sorry!’

And a head tilt.

Is there anything worse than a ‘Sorry’ AND a head tilt?

Why do they insist on telling you they had loads last week? Is it supposed to make you feel better? Like you’re not asking for an entirely ridiculous product. It’s not the ‘thing’ that’s ridiculous. No, it’s just that your timing stinks.

Then there’s that moment on Christmas Eve. Whatever it is there’s always a moment on Christmas Eve!

We’ve all been there.

I just realised that this year, I’ll reach the milestone of organising my 30th family Christmas. 


That’s a lot of stockings stuffed, trees trimmed and parties presided over.  

Start Your Christmas Shopping List Early

Among my nearest and dearest, I’m renowned for being the list queen. Here are my  first 5 recommended items for your essential Christmas list.

These are in the 'buy now, don't wait' category which generally divides into two sub-categories.

A) The things you can stock up on in advance as you can be sure you’ll definitely need them, one way or another.

B) The things you need to stock up on in advance as you won’t get them for love nor money in a few weeks if you don’t!

1. Pre-Packed Chestnuts

These fall into cat B! You can buy these all year round, just don’t attempt to buy them for your stuffing Christmas week. I guarantee that will cause much sucking in of breath, shaking of the head and a ‘We had them weeks ago….’

Buy now. You have been warned.

2. Sticky Tape

I love these Wrap Fixers from Lakeland. They are a complete Godsend when wrapping a pile of presents. While stores are unlikely to run out of sticky tape, Lakeland will run out of these!

3.Christmas Wrapping Paper

I’m serious! Have you ever tried to buy Christmas wrapping paper after December 18th? There’s only the design nobody wanted (you know the one the buyer’s hoping won’t result in their P45) and it’s now shelf sharing with the rubbishy, shoot peas through it stuff. You were warned!

And don’t get me started on finding anything resembling matching tags.

Alternatively, stock up on an assortment of gift bags and tissue paper. Costco all the way!

4. Unique Thank You Gifts & Hostess Gifts

It’s 11am the Sunday before Christmas. You run into your neighbour while out walking the dog. 

‘Hey we’re having a little festive drinks party later - pop round! We’d love to see you!’

Crap. All you’ve got to take round is that bashed box of Roses that’s probably been round more houses so far this year than Santa. One of these days you’re going to put a secret marker on it. Just to see if it works it’s way back to you again.

Stock up on a couple of suitable thank you/hostess gifts. If you don’t use them over the holidays you can always use them next year. They’re usually pretty interchangeable as ‘Secret Santa’, teacher’s gift or whatever else has fallen off your radar while you’re spinning your other 63 plates.

5. Winter Decorations

Fast forward to the first week of January. Time for all the decorations to come down. We’re all craving a bit of normality by this point but wow! The house looks so bare!

This year, aim to add a couple of things to your decor you can absolutely leave out after the Christmas holidays are officially over.

How about our subtle Glitter Cushion or our Robin Cushion. They’re wintry without screaming ‘Christmas!’

Or you could go for a cosy, winter candle which isn’t an overtly Christmassy scent. You can still enjoy it in January and February when you’re just so over anything ‘cinnamon and clove’.

Hopefully these will at least get your list started.

What goes at the top of your essential christmas list to shop for in November? 

Please add your ideas in the comments below - let's share!


Written by Lynn McMurray
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