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This past weekend has been spent ‘autumnising’ my home.

It's out with the old and in with the new, refreshing my decor accents for the season ahead. 

My hurricane vases are no longer filled with sand and sea shells. They now contain pine cones, gourds and mini pumpkins.

Gone are the pastel coloured cushions and throws. They've been laundered, packed away and have now been replaced with the warming colours and prints of the season. 

It’s always a pleasure to un-pack my bits and bobs from the previous year and see what I’ve got. I rediscover pieces I love and discard the ones which have sadly seen better days.

I will inevitably invest in some new pieces of course and it got me thinking.

Many people say to me ‘I love my home Lynn. I love the idea of changing up the decor for the coming season but it can be expensive right?’

‘I just don’t think I can justify spending the money!’ they say.

I hear you. 

No-one wants to spend their hard earned money on things in life that just don’t matter. Or worse still where they don’t feel they’re getting value for money.

But here’s the way I look at it.

How many of us will splash out now and again on a piece of clothing we love - that gorgeous cashmere sweater or those fabulous new winter boots?

We usually justify them to ourselves by working out how often we’ll wear them and therefore what the ‘cost per wear’ works out at.

I think we should all consider our home decor in the same way. We’re essentially dressing our house for the season in the same way we’re dressing ourselves. 

Except for one big difference. 

We never think 'Oh I had that throw out the last time the neighbours were round, I'd better get a new one' or 'That cushion is a bit casual for today, I'd better buy a dressier one'

No sir! Our home will ‘wear’ it’s decor all day, every day. That means you get the pleasure of enjoying those pieces all day, every day.

That gorgeous mohair throw? You get to cosy up on the sofa with it every night!

That amazing scented candle? You get to enjoy it’s wonderful aroma for a few hours every day for as long as it lasts. Even for a luxury candle, it often works out at pennies per hour’s worth of gorgeousness!

The 'cost per wear' value you get from your home decor wins over your wardrobe hands down! Feel better about making a few purchases now?

We also buy items for our wardrobe according to the way we think it’ll make us feel. That incredible work dress that’ll make us feel super confident. Those awesome flat shoes that we can walk for miles in and are oh so comfortable. That gorgeous bright jacket you're going to feel really upbeat in.

Think about how your home makes you feel when you walk through the door, especially at this time of year. Do the elements within it evoke the right feelings for you?

Does it give you that warm, cosy 'glad to be home' feeling?

Are there elements of your decor which help you to unwind and de-stress?

Do you have any bold statement pieces which help you confidently express yourself?

Don’t be afraid then to spend a bit more on certain pieces of home decor. Make a seasonal investment purchase for your home in the same way you would for your wardrobe. You’re going to more than get your monies worth over the coming months. 

Here are 3 worthy decor investments for this coming season.


#1 A Luxury Throw

The fire is crackling, the coffee is brewing and the musical intro to your favourite box set is wafting through the air. The autumn and winter months are the perfect time to curl up on the couch and reach for that sumptuous throw to comfort you and hide behind when the on-screen drama gets to be too much!

These gorgeous luxury mohair throws make the perfect couch companion

#2 A Gorgeous Scented Candle

Our sense of smell can have a huge impact on our emotions and general wellbeing. Enjoying the aroma of a beautiful scented candle for a few hours can lower our stress levels, lift our mood, promote relaxation and improve sleep quality. To get the best from your candle, always burn it according to the manufacturers recommendations paying attention to where you position it, wick size etc.

Choose from some of these amazing scents of the season around right now.

#3 Lighting

Twinkle lights are not just for Christmas! They’re the perfect way to cosy up a room and provide the perfect antidote to the doom and gloom of the clocks going back. Put them along a shelf, in a vase, in a lantern, round a wreath - there are endless possibilities. It’s worth investing in something a bit unusual then watch the compliments fly in!

What are you going to splash out on this season? 


Written by Lynn McMurray
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