Top tips for autumn kerb appeal

I feel honoured that my neighbours always complement me on my entry way and garden space to the front of my home.

‘Lynn’ they say in a good natured way ‘you put the rest of us to shame!’ 

‘How do you do it?’

I get asked a lot about adding a seasonal touch to the outside of the home as well as the inside and especially at this time of year. Your summer plants are starting to fade, the days are turning cooler and you’re just not ready to let go of summer. Rather than mourn the passing of summer I always find it’s best to get excited about the new season! What better way to welcome it into your home than by starting right at the front door.

Year after year, as the new season draws near, I get ready to celebrate it and signal it’s arrival to the world. Or my nearest neighbours at the very least!

Even if you’re not planning to move home any time soon it doesn’t harm to add a little kerb appeal, right? 

Here are my top tips to perk up your front door area as autumn charges over the horizon.

1. A good old-fashioned clean and sweep up!

Go on - get your broom out! Move your planters and give your steps a good sweep. Take a soft brush and clear away all the cobwebs from around your door, the eaves above it and give any glass a good wash down. Take note of any real maintenance you spot and get it done. Mid-winter is not the time to realise your door seal needs replaced!

2. Treat your door to a new mat

This one thing can make a huge difference and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I just replaced mine with this little beauty from Dunelm. 

There are all sorts of fun options out there. For all you prosecco lovers how about something like this from Querkity? Alternatively, there are a whole lot of personalised options from the guys at Not On The High Street.

3.Let there be light!

Twinkling lights are not just for Christmas. Consider adding some twinkle lights to brighten things up as dusk descends. This year I’ll be adding some amber coloured lights to the shrubs either side of my door. They’re battery operated and come with timers so they’ll come on for 6 hours then go off again for 18. Always check any lights you buy are suitable for outdoor use.

Check out this gorgeous front door from Janis at All Things Beautiful. She has some great ideas to share.

Another way to add impact is to dot some lanterns around with battery/timer operated candles in them. For more impact, fill the lantern base with pine cones, autumn leaves or any other seasonal decorative touch you fancy! Be aware though that if you want to leave your lanterns out into the winter months you’ll need to consider what they’re made of. Many will be great in the cold, dry weather but will need to be brought in if it’s relentlessly wet!

4. Add some ball chrysanthemums

For some great, immediate impact, pick up a couple of ball chrysanthemums at your local garden centre. They’re available everywhere right now, are relatively inexpensive (expect to pay between £5 - £9 each) and come in a huge variety of colours. Because these are force grown though (to give us the impact we want at this time of year) they won’t last for months but check out this article on how to make them last as long as possible.

5. Re-do planters for autumn

Your pretty summer flowers in their pastel or hot tropical colours will no doubt be fading fast. Don’t wait until they’re as dead as a dodo! Switch them out now for some autumnal alternatives.

How about some winter pansies that you can mix with some ornamental greens such as cabbages and kale? If you’re a sucker for those hot pinks and reds, why not try some cyclamen?

Not sure what will work for you? Ask advice from your local garden centre. Some will even pot up the plants for you!

The only thing left to do now is to add your own touch of the season. An autumn wreath on your door? A pumpkin or two on your step?

Then you just need to wait for the compliments to flood in.

What else are you going to add? We'd love to hear your own ideas for some great autumn kerb appeal. 




Written by Lynn McMurray

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