The problem with seasonal decorating.

So you’re intrigued by this whole seasonal decorating lark.

You’re bored with your decor and you want a bit of an update.

You're curious about the idea that reflecting a bit of the outside season on the inside of your home, can help make sure your home feels newly dressed and up to date.

You like the idea of seasonal decor updates.


I hear it ALL. THE. TIME.

Lynn, they say, I’d love to do this but…………

And then they list the reasons why they can’t.

I totally get it. When something is new and outwith your comfort zone it’s natural to have questions about it.

I also completely understand that seasonal decorating isn’t for everyone.

In just the same way as some people love cars and some don’t.

Some folks love to travel and some don’t.

Some people love home decor and for some? As long as they’re warm and dry they’re happy.

However, maybe you’re genuinely keen. You’d really love to give it a go and you just need a helping hand to overcome some of your ‘I’d love to…. but’ objections.

This article is going to take a look at some of the things that put people off and by the end of it you’ll be able to decide if it’s right for you or not.

I don’t have enough space to store seasonal decorations.

Storage is a big concern for a lot of people. There’s no doubt you can store a lot more if you live in a huge house with a ton of attic space and available outbuildings, than if you live in a small studio apartment.

My advice? Do it at a level you’re comfortable with and that you have enough storage for.

If you’re storage space poor, choose one piece or one small area of your home and focus on that. Something like a hurricane vase or a hall table. Just decorate that one thing and nothing else.

Switch out easy to store elements in your hurricane vase as the seasons change. A few autumn leaves or pine cones in the fall, one or two Christmas baubles in December, a couple of love hearts in February, some Easter eggs in spring then a couple of sea shells in summer. Seasonal accents like these can easily fit into one small carrier bag or plastic box and be tucked away at the back of a shelf.

It’s all about the scale and it doesn’t have to be big to be effective.


I’ve no budget for seasonal decorating.

As with the storage issue, it doesn’t have to be big or expensive to be effective. 

Stick to accessorising a few key pieces you can add seasonal touches to all year round. 

Get the most bang for your buck by choosing neutral coloured base pieces that you can add a small seasonal element to. For example, you don’t need a set of table linens for every season or holiday. Using traditional colours at certain times of year can be impactful but will have limited use the rest of the year. Instead, use a neutral colour palette then add some inexpensive seasonal touches. Jam jars as a table centre with cuttings from the garden - berries in winter? Daffodils in spring?

Shop in 'after season' sales - there’s no better bargain than a Christmas wreath bought on Boxing Day!

Keep an eye open year round in your local thrift or charity store.

Repurpose items in a seasonal way. Chalk board in your kitchen? Write a seasonal message on it!

There are many great deals to be had by shopping in some of the budget stores. Who doesn’t love a touch of seasonal decor from the likes of Ikea.

I lack the creativity needed for home decorating

You don't have to rely on your own creativity just take inspiration from others! 

Use sites like Pinterest.

Pay attention to displays when you wander round stores. What pieces have they put together? Take photos on your phone.

Buy home decor magazines.

Google! Google! Google! - ‘Spring mantles’ or ‘Halloween table setting ideas’ or whatever.

Call in a favour from a creative friend and offer to pay them with something you’re great at.

Find a few people online who inspire you and follow their blogs and sign up for newsletters etc.

I don’t have the time for seasonal decorating.

If you’re time poor, find a ‘one stop' online shop where you can buy a few things all together that will complement each other. Have them delivered right to your door. 

It needn’t be a huge operation. As with many of the other challenges here, spend as much time as you can afford. Switching out a couple of pastel coloured summer sofa throws for some cosy fur winter ones will take roughly the same length of time as making your bed! As will switching out a couple of cushions.

Obviously the more you do, the longer it’ll take, but if your decor really would benefit from a bit of an update and your core pieces are still in great condition, it’s considerably quicker all round than thinking about paint colours, redecorating and changing large furniture pieces.

Pay someone else to do it for you! Both the shopping and the decorating. Sign up for updates on our forthcoming decorating service.

What if I make a mistake - what will people think?

Remember that the way we choose to decorate our homes, in the same way as we view works of art, is completely subjective.

No-one should ever be made to feel bad because of their home decor choices. Do you love it? Well that’s all that really matters.

But if you still lack a bit of confidence to give it a go then stick to these two rules.

  1. Less is more. For example, when you want to cosy up your lounge for winter, start with one fur throw, one fur cushion and one seasonally scented candle.
  2. Stick to neutrals. Worried about colour? How about a naturally coloured faux sheepskin 'sofa back' throw rug, a naturally coloured faux sheepskin cushion and a white suitably scented candle.

You’ve just created a cosy corner that will be the envy of all and sundry.

So is seasonal decorating right for you?

I'd love to know if I've given you food for thought. Please leave your comments below.







Written by Lynn McMurray

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