How to supercharge your spring cleaning

Does this resonate with you?

You've completed all your spring cleaning and you're mighty proud of yourself! And yet when you look around the room, it still feels like it's, well, lacking something?

You've saved money on the spring cleaning services, you've done it all yourself and the house is now sparkling. But still, it feels like the place still needs a bit of a boost to really bring it back to life.

This was how my client felt when she called and asked for my help. She just didn't know what accessories to buy and didn't want to make any expensive mistakes. She also wasn't sure how to pull everything together, what to put with what.

The core decor was absolutely great - the carpet, sofas, walls were all good. The room was well lit with full length windows at one end. The client felt that it was just somehow lacking something.

Living Room Makeover

The brief was to keep furniture and it's placement the same but to refresh the room by adding soft furnishings and accessories only. 

A living room with two sofas, a coffee table and a side table

Adding accents and accessories which reflect the time of year is a great way to add interest to a room. As this was March, a spring themed refresh was the perfect way to go. 

The client's colour scheme already had hints of spring green so this made an ideal starting point.

As you can see, the room isn't vastly different, however interest has been added and the whole look 'lifted' in a few different ways.

New spring cushions and throws were added. The room needed a bit of 'layering' with some accessories of varying heights, sizes and textures. One of the most effective ways of achieving this is by creating little vignettes.

How to display ornaments

The word 'vignette' in this context means 'a small scene' and in the world of interiors it describes a little collection of objects which are pulled together to create a pleasing picture or a small display of items you'll enjoy looking at! 

You can see the impact vignettes can make when we take a look at the sideboard in my client's room. Here is the before....

And the after....

Height has been added with the tall vase of faux spring flowers and the creation of a couple of vignettes adds interest. A basket was also added to the side as a way or hiding the lamp cord!

One of the guidelines when grouping items is that they should have a reason to be together. This could be shape, texture, subject matter - a whole host of reasons! Here, the cute little bunnies sit well with the baby picture and the Easter bunny works well with the mini Easter eggs in the hurricane vase. Odd numbers of items tend to work better than evens so typically 3 or 5 pieces together is best.

I haven't here but you could also sit your vignette together on a small tray. It's a really effective way to add another layer.

sideboard with easter ornaments

Easter bunny ornament

A vignette was also added to the side table. The photo frame says 'Good Times' and a little clock has been placed alongside. 

A side table with spring ornaments displayed

Hallway Makeover

The spring refresh also included the hall table. Below you can see the before and after.

spring hall table ideas

basket with spring throw and cushions

Daffodil table centre

This spring room makeover took only a few hours to complete and the client was delighted with the results. A few additional cushions, throws and accessories were purchased to complement what the client already had therefore the overall cost was very reasonable. 

If you would like some help with your own home styling, you can check out my Home Styling Service for what's on offer as well as an indication of costs involved.

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Written by Lynn McMurray
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